Sunday, March 4, 2018

Strange Places Around The World

From the worlds most dangerous road to bizarre architecture these are the worlds strangest places. 

8. Lake Retba, Senegal

 Senegal is home to the magnificent pink lake, more formally known as Lake Retba. With a high salt content, the lake’s famous pink color is caused by algae called dunaliella salina. This algae produces the red pigment to help it in absorbing light. The phenomenon is most visible between November and June and less visible during the winter. The high salt content in the lake gives it high buoyancy, meaning that people float very easily in its waters. 

7. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Northern Lithuania hosts a pilgrimage to the Hill of Crosses. Although it is unknown when the practice of leaving crosses on this hill began, it is believed that the practice began in 1931 after the Uprising at the Domantai hill fort. Over time more than just crosses were left there – statues, crucifixes, carvings, rosaries, and other effigies have been placed here by Catholic pilgrims over the years. It is estimated that even back in 2006 there were as many as 100,000 crosses on the hill. Religious or not, this place has an eerie look to it.

6. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

If there were ever a road you wouldn’t want to be caught in the fog on, it would have to be Yungas Road in Bolivia. The road is not-so-affectionately called Death Road by locals, and for serious reasons. Considered to be the world’s most dangerous road, it stretches from La Paz to Coroico, Bolivia. It is estimated that every year, 200-300 travelers die along the road. Take a look at the narrow path and steep drop that awaits less-than-expert drivers! 

5. Mir Mine in Mirny, Eastern Siberia

Mir Mine is a former open pit diamond mine in Eastern Siberia. At 525m deep and with a diameter of 1200m, it is the fourth largest in the world. It is also the second largest excavation site in on earth. After 44 years of operation by various groups, the mine was closed in 2004. It is now left open and unused. Even the airspace above the mine is closed to helicopters because of incidents in which drafts have sucked them down into the mine. 

4. Crooked Forest, Poland

A grove of oddly shaped pine trees in Poland make up the Crooked Forest. The 400 or so pine trees were planted deliberately around the year 1930, but no one knows what the technique used to form them in this way. The reason for changing their growth this way is also unknown. It is thought that it may have been done for easier furniture or boat building. It is also speculated that natural weather phenomena may have caused the trees to grow this way on their own. At the end of the way we have to accept that we will probably never know.

3. Palm Islands, Dubai

The Palm Islands may be one of the most bizarre locations to be found on earth. In Dubai there are two man made islands shaped like palm trees. They are still under construction, but one is now complete. The islands are shaped like a palm tree surrounded by a crescent circle. These islands are being designed with over 500 kilometers of beaches, residential areas, and leisure and entertainment centers. These islands are sometimes considered to be the eighth wonder of the world. The breakwater around the palm tree spells out a line of poetry, “it takes a man of vision to write on water.”

2. Island of Dolls, Mexico

If the kind of bizarre you’re looking for is creepy, then consider the Island of Dolls in Mexico. Legends say that a young girl was found drowned in mysterious circumstances on the island. A doll was found nearby and presumed to belong to the girl. As a sign of respect the doll was hung in a tree. Over the years more and more dolls were hung in an effort to “appease her spirit.” Now hundreds of dolls of all sorts are hung and impaled around the island. Rumor has it that during the night the dolls can be seen moving their mutilated arms and legs, turning their heads, and following you with their eyes. That’s about the creepiest thing I can imagine, and definitely one of the most bizarre.

1.White Temple Thailand

The famous White Temple in Thailand is actually called Wat Rong Khun. Opened to visitors in 1997, this art exhibit is in the style of a Buddhist temple. A local artist has taken on the task of designing and renovating the temple after it fell into disrepair. In order to preserve the spirit of Buddhist teaching, he does not accept large donations for renovation, and admission is free. There are areas for learning and meditation. The main building is reached by crossing a bridge over a small lake of hundreds of reaching hands. After crossing the bridge, the Gate of Heaven is guarded by Death and Rahu. There is unending symbolism to the architecture and design of the place. This is easily one 
of the strangest and most bizarre places in the world.

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