Friday, March 2, 2018

Lindsay Lohan vs. Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan vs. Marilyn Monroe – Leaked Nude Photos.

Click the pic for the unedited photo.
I know before they even read this, all the males said “he’s got to be joking with these censored photos.”, so let me explain.  About a week ago, I came across a source who dropped a couple photos on one of my hard drives and told me that they were the leaked pictures from February’s upcoming Playboy Magazine issue.  

The spread is supposed to be a recreation of the ever famous Marilyn Monroe Playboy spread of yesteryear.  Oddly enough they chose Lindsay Lohan as the one to bring back this priceless collection of photos, and weather or not you think she was up to task is all a matter of personal opinion.  When putting these photos up, I was reminded that my sponsors (the people who pay this blog’s bills) tend to go ape-sh*t when there’s too much nudity on the front page.  SO, all you have to do is click the photo to see the bare-skin Miss Lohan in all her glory.  Enjoy.

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