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Santana - Supernatural (1999, Full Album)

Santana - Supernatural (1999, Full Album) 

Supernatural is the seventeenth album by Santana, released in 1999. It went 15 times platinum in the US and won nine Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year as well as three Latin Grammy Awards including Record of the Year.

The album, conceived by Clive Davis and A&R'd by Pete Ganbarg, was a big global hit, eventually selling more than 30 million copies. It is the most successful album by Santana, hitting the number one spot in ten countries, including the United States. It is also the highest selling album of original material released by any artist who had already been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame prior to its release and second highest selling overall behind The Beatles compilation album 1.

Supernatural debuted at number nineteen on the Billboard 200 on July 3, 1999 but topped (after 18 weeks) the chart on October 30, 1999 and stayed there for 12 non-consecutive weeks. It included the hit single "Smooth", which featured Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas on vocals, and was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks. The follow-up single, "Maria Maria" (which featured The Product G&B), was number one on the same chart for 10 weeks. Santana and Rob Thomas won three Grammys for their collaboration on the song "Smooth" while Santana and Everlast won another for the song "Put Your Lights On". Santana also won a Grammy for "Maria Maria". Carlos Santana became the first Hispanic to win the Record of the Year Grammy Award, while the Album of the Year award was bestowed upon Davis.

1 "(Da Le) Yaleo" (S. Ra, C. Santana & C. Polloni) Produzida por Carlos Santana 2 "Love of My Life" (C. Santana & D. Matthews) Com Dave Matthews e Carter Beauford, da Dave Matthews Band Produzida por Stephen M. Harris e Carlos Santana Melodia (não-creditada) da sinfonia n.º 3 (3º movimento) de Johannes Brahms 3 "Put Your Lights On" (E. Schrody) Com Everlast Produzida por Dante Ross e John Gamble for SD50 4 "Africa Bamba" (I. Toure, S. Tidiane Toure, C. Santana & K. Perazzo) Produzida por Carlos Santana 5 "Smooth" (música de Itaal Shur e Rob Thomas; letra de Rob Thomas) Com Rob Thomas Produzida por Matt Serletic, para Melisma Productions, Inc. 6 "Do You Like the Way" (L. Hill) Com Lauryn Hill e Cee-Lo Produzida e arranjada por Lauryn Hill, para Obverse Creation Music Inc. 7 "Maria Maria" (Wyclef Jean, J. Duplessis, C. Santana, K. Perazzo & R. Rekow) Com The Product G&B Produzida por Wyclef Jean e Jerry "Wonder" Duplessis 8 "Migra" (R. Taha, C. Santana & T. Lindsay) Produzida por K. C. Porter para Worldbeat Productions & Carlos Santana 9 "Corazón Espinado" (F. Olvera) Com Maná Produzida por Fher Olvera e K. C. Porter, para Worldbeat Productions Co-produtor: Alex González 10 "Wishing It Was" (Eagle-Eye Cherry, M. Simpson, J. King & M. Nishita) Com Eagle-Eye Cherry Produzida por The Dust Brothers (John King Michael Simpson) Co-produzida por Charles Goodan e Art Hodge Produção extra e mixagem por T-Ray 11 "El Farol" (C. Santana & K. C. Porter) Produzida por K. C. Porter, para Worldbeat Productions Produtor-associado: JB Eckl, para Worldbeat Productions 12 "Primavera" (K. C. Porter & J. B. Eckl) Produzida por K. C. Porter, para Worldbeat Productions Produtor-associado: JB Eckl, para Worldbeat Productions 13 "The Calling" (C. Santana & C. Thompson) Com Eric Clapton Produzida por Carlos Santana 14 "Day of Celebration" (faixa bônus) "Day of Celebration" não está listada oficialmente, por ser uma faixa bônus; é antecedida por 12 segundos de silêncio depois do fim da faixa anterior, "The Calling"; tecnicamente, faz parte desta, o que a faz totalizar uma duração de 12:28.

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